How to Succeed and Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Did you set a goal to lose weight or to get organized in the New Year? I recently read that over 80% of those who make New Year’s resolutions fail, despite initial optimism and motivation. The failure rate of this statistic does not sway my optimism in people’s capability. In my work, I am lucky to enough to help people who understand that lasting change requires behavior modification and working on one’s emotional self.
Emotional Self
For lasting change, it is important to discover where and why negative behavior exists. We all do things for a reason and getting to the ‘heart’ of the matter is a vital element in change. I have had so many clients who uncover that they eat when they are anxious, lonely or tired. In this way, if weight loss is the goal, addressing the emotional aspects of why one eats is just as important as eating healthy.

Behavior Modification
It goes without saying that action is necessary to goal achievement. To lose weight, you will likely need to exercise and make some diet changes. At the same time, it is also important to focus on all the roadblocks and ways you will likely self sabotage. Knowing how you fail or what you need in vulnerable moments allows you to identify alternatives and to create a plan of action.

If you made a resolution I commend you, and I believe in you. Wishing you a happy, successful and healthy 2020.



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